Data Life Cycle

Navya G
Dec 2, 2021

The life cycle of data typically involves 6 stages.

Here are the six stages that a data goes through in any industry.

  1. Plan: Decide what kind of data is needed, how will it be managed, and who will be responsible for it.
  2. Capture: Collect data from various different sources.
  3. Manage: Maintain the data and it includes determining how and where the data is stored and the tools used to do so.
  4. Analyse: Use the data to solve problems, make decisions, and support business goals.
  5. Archive: Keep relevant data stored for long-term and future reference.
  6. Destroy: Remove data from storage and delete any shared copies of the data.

You can find the detailed explanation for each of the stages in my other post.

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Navya G

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