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Technical Writing / Technical writing and skills

Technical Writing has been a buzz word from quite sometime and many organisations started seeing the importance of Technical Writers. Know what Technical Writing is, nature of work and the most important skills needed for Technical Writers.

Most of us know about movie story writers, song writers and content writers. While every type of writing is mostly about writing, there is a huge difference in the writing style, context, and whom they are writing for (the target audience).

Talking about Technical Writing, it’s about explaining how the…

Data/basics of data

Data basics — This post covers the aspects such as, what is data, why do we need data, and how is the data collected.

What is data?

Data is a collection of facts and dimensions.

Types of data

  • Qualitative — Non numerical data
  • Quantitative — numerical data

Qualitative data

It is the non-numerical data that is used to classify and categorise things/elements. For instance, let’s talk about coffee !!

Finding Ikigai/Self-discovery questions

Ikigai, your purpose of life. Love what you need to do and eventually Do what you love to do. Inspired from the concepts in book -Life’s amazing secrets and Ikigai. A framework to find your purpose.

If you do what you love, you’ll never have to work a day in life.

To start living with purpose, you don’t need to give up everything and make drastic life changes. Many of us don’t really love what we do, our job, but we spend most of our time…

Hailing from a small town in the Southern part of India, I grew up having big dreams. Like most, my younger self wanted to go abroad for higher studies, get more exposure, explore their culture. I am a B.Tech graduate and after Engineering I started working as a Design Engineer…


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