5 Essential Skills for Data Analysts

Essentials skills for Data Analysts

Skill 1 : Curiosity

As we continue learning about data, Curiosity helps to notice Patterns and relationships in everyday life.

Skill 2: Understanding Context

Analysts take a step further from thinking and use context to research for answers, make predictions, and eventually draw conclusions based on what they have discovered. This is a natural process and a great starting step.

Skill 3: Having a Technical mindset

We all have instincts and gut feelings. Data Analysts have them too, but, they train themselves to take a more technical approach to explore and build on those gut instincts.

Skill 4: Data Design

Designing data is all about organising the data in a logical way so that it is easy to access, understand, and make the most out of available information.

Skill 5: Data Strategy

This step includes — the people, processes, and tools to solve a problem.



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Navya G

Navya G


Lead Technical writer for Data Platform & loves to share my learnings about data, productivity, tech writing, self-help & more|A Data Analytics aspirant